No matter your dropped in accidentally or intentionally, I will inspire you in next 10 minutes.

But wait a second, who am I?  I will tell my different identities step by step.

My name is Yuxin (pronounced in yoshin) both in Chinese and English. I never give myself an “English” name except ordering in Starbucks. Yuxin gives me a sense of belonging for 20 years and I can’t find any “English” name provides the same feeling to me. I understand the pronunciation is tricky in Chinese names. This way, people will pay more attention in remembering me.

照片 2

I have three major identities: an Economics major undergraduate student, a marketing specialist and a songwriter. Let’s start from the first one.

Economics major, a choice I made three and half years ago because of a sentence from my high school economics teacher. She said to the whole class one day “Yuxin is special in economics.” I believed in her and continued my study in economics in Purdue University. And I finished my major courses with a concentration in business management and marketing in three and a half year. Although my career goal is not related much to economics, I still consider myself as an excellent logical Econ thinker. Somebody said “if you can’t work on something you are interested in, work on something you are really good at.” Being an economics major not only provides me a solid background, but also leaves me tons of hours to enjoy my college life. I never regret to study Economics but I recommend Economics major student to have a clear career goal and start to building your resume toward that career goal before your graduation unless you have a family business ready for you. Let’s come down to the reality, economics knowledge is necessary to most of the experienced level positions instead of entry level positions. For me, my final career goal is to work in music business, however, my short term career goal is a marketing and business analyst. And I am always open to a brand new area.

My decision of being a marketing strategist is not made in one day. After studying abroad in Denmark in 2013 fall, I am strongly interested in applying my knowledge into a real life project or research. Then, an opportunity popped up to me. I become a market development specialist for The Baan Tawai Artistic Village project in 2014 Spring. (This project will be explained and showed in project page.) Telling the truth, I never finished any marketing courses beforehand. My curiosity turns me into an active learner. I joined some free online marketing courses in this internet era. This project is still running and I am taking charge of the social media marketing as well now. As a marketing strategist, I am excited with new people, new technology and new ages of the world. I always keep an eye on future expectation.

Up to now, if you define me as a rationally thinker, you are totally wrong. My emotional side shows in music world. I am an songwriter/singer playing guitar and also do music productions. I cry out with almost every movie and TV show. I hate this part of me, which takes my energy away. I immerse myself into every books and every scenes, where I get inspiration from.  I started writing lyrics at 12 when romantic fictions were popular in our classroom. I remember the first lyric that I wrote was on my desk; after I had finished my exam early. After that, I used to carry a notebook with me to everywhere and now I use electronic notes in Iphone. Technology makes everything convenient as long as you bring a power bank everywhere. I started writing complete songs at 17 since no one cares about lyrics without a melody. Both of my lyrics and melody cross through different music genre these years, especially after I came to US. Internet freedom brings me much more alternative voices beyond mainstream than what I can hear within the boundary of China.

I appreciate every choice I made and every suggestions my friends gave. And here is the unique Yuxin Yoia.

Please check out my blogs, music and other projects for more details.

Hope all of you have a unique life!!






Thank You,

Yuxin yoia Gong


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