When My Motherland Collapsed in a Heap of Ruin – Story behind “Glass”

Most people regard “Glass” as a love song, especially after they watched the music video. However, I have to say that only one sentence in this song has a little bit relationship with love. Other than that, it shows a contrast between past and present and a hesitation on future.

My inspiration comes from a ruin of a middle school. I was doing a photographic project with my friends and worked as a model. We decided to take some photos in the middle school. However, when we arrived, we did not see the energetic school but a heap of ruin. We climbed toward the rooftop and took a batch of great photos. When I walked around, my friend always reminded me of the broken glass. Yes, glass, the “glass” in this song.


I imagined that if those glass were alive, they had seen the whole life of this school, from construction to welcoming first group of students and finally to destruction. Students came and left. Glass stay from transparent and shine to dull and old. Each pieces of time formed the full memory of those glass. Students may come back for their teachers and classrooms but never for the glass. Glass acted like an outsider and reflected everything clearly. Now things had left and glass was still there but broken, heart broken. I started to thinking of all parents, who raised their child up. Some of the grown up children formed their own family and forgot the parents upbringing until the day their parents left them forever.

In this song, I used glass as different intermediaries including the way we see the world, a barrier to outside and a memory carrier.


Link to the song “Glass”

Here is the original Chinese lyric and I summarized it into English.

玻璃 Glass

词曲 与小艾yoia   Lyric&Music: Yuxin Yoia
编曲 上官芳           Arrangement: Fang Shangguan
后期混缩 栾鹏祥  Mixing: Pengxiang Luan
演唱 与小艾yoia   Vocal: Yuxin Yoia

今天的华丽 换明天的废墟 没有人惦记 碎了一地的玻璃

Yesterday’s wonderland collapsed in a heap of ruin today and nobody cared about the broken glass.

冰冷水泥地 砖块摩擦出声音 喧哗的生命 被尘埃代替

Bricks and glass crashed together on cold floor. Lively creatures were replaced by silent wind.

从天台看天上的云 站在与天空最近的距离
依旧犹如隔着玻璃 没有纯净的空气

When I try to see the whole world from a rooftop, even standing at the closest point to the sky, I still feel myself isolated. There seems to has a piece of glass between me and the outside world.

我问天问地 问每一块碎玻璃
我的未来究竟 要去到哪里

I stepped on broken glass and asked where would my future be?

我透过玻璃 看到世界模糊不清
早已不再透明 我们的眼睛

I picked out a piece of glass and try to see the answer. However, the glass is no longer transparent, just like our eyes. We start to stereotype people in different categories.

我努力的拼 被人遗忘的玻璃
就像是回忆 有遗憾无法 补齐

I tried to recombine those broken glass but I failed as there were too many regrets in our past lives and memories.

我小心翼翼 捡起划伤手的玻璃
经历多少风雨 不再年轻

We had already grown up and experienced a lot just like those old glass.


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