Never Satisfied with Your Twenties – Story behind “Goodbye to My Naive”

Twenties, an important turning point. Friends start going their separate ways depend on their choices. The basic worldview formed in our minds. We got the first taste in the complex society and pointed ourselves to a proper direction. We are facing the fork in the road and we have to make a decision now. For sure, both positive and negative voices ring from different people fight in my head for a quite long time that hold me back from moving forward all the time.

Until last year, I still had a dream of being a songwriter/singer and believed that I can be famous overnight. But today, I thought that was too young too naive. My friends always call me an ambitious girl. However, being a dreamer is not dreaming your life away. I came back to the earth after my twentieth birthday. I do what I can do and learn what I can’t. This is a basic success rule. And now, I move closer to my dream day by day.

I wrote this song for those days in the past and at present as well. I am sure that I will regard my twenties as naive age someday in future since I make progress everyday. For those who always complain, why don’t you move forward to ideal life and never compromise on opponents?


There is the inspiration I wrote in Chinese.



Link to the song “Goodbye to My Naive”

Here is the original Chinese lyric and I summarized it into English.

再见 熟悉的稚嫩 Goodbye to my naive

词曲 演唱 与小艾yoia  Lyric&Music&Vocal: Yuxin yoia
编曲 马小钧                       Piano: Xiaojun Ma
录音后期 小嘟嘟            Mixing: David Chen

这条路一直走下去 不知道会去哪里
慌乱的内心 只告诉自己

I don’t know where the road will end. But I will keep insecurity, anxiety and stress by myself.

海的尽头终是陆地 和天空相织一起
无边的寂静 遥望的眼睛

What I know is that there is land behind the sea and there is Aurora over the Arctic.

再见了 哭泣的人们
哪扇门 才属于我的认真

Goodbye to those people who only cry and never try. I will find my destination on this lonely road.

再见了 熟悉的稚嫩
我依然 背着累累的伤痕

Goodbye to my naive. I will handle all the difficulties even if nobody supports me.

再见了 断线的风筝
是什么 让我不愿再等

Goodbye and I will be a broken line kite. I don’t want to wait anymore and never feel cold and hopeless in the storm.


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