We Are Living in a Huge Clip Doll Machine – Story Behind “I Can’t Get That Elephant”

I made an statement in my updates recently, said “You Always Can’t Get What You Want”. Somebody argued that you can get what you want and it only depends on how much effort you give. I agree with it but he is missing the following sentence. Once you get what you want and satisfied with your current situation, you will desire more. When you are able to afford a house with three-year’s income, you will suddenly realized you need a better car. What you used to regard as treasure becomes as normal as air. This is a endless circle that nobody can break.

Gradually, you may forget how excited you were when get the key of the new house and continue living a busy life towards the new target, a nice car, with plenty of complains everyday. I do appreciate this energetic life attitude. However, when we feel tired of hitting the goal, why not looking back to cherish the abundance of we have already have. It is same when dealing with relationships. We always believe a 10-year relationship will never break up. Nonetheless, the truth usually beyond our expect. Everything is fragile once you forget to take good care of it, including mutual relationships.

One Song One Story

My friend regards this song as a fairy tale about elephant because of the title. I can’t denied since it is a story inspired by an elephant puppet in a clip doll machine. Although I already had lots of dolls back at home, I still spent all of my coins and failed to catch the cute elephant that day. I felt upset, so did the dolls at my home. They might have a feeling of abandoned. If the elephant was alive, he might want to break the glass of the clip doll machine in order to find an owner instead of lying in the machine days and nights. He never expect the ignorance from the owner.  Suddenly I realized that the world is a huge clip doll machine and the dolls represents human’s desires. We are standing outside the glass trying to insert coin, which is our life, and to catch the dolls with uncertain probabilities. Someone spent all his life but get nothing while someone owned almost half of the dolls. This is the reality.


Link to the song “I Can’t Get That Elephant”

Here is the Chinese Lyric and I summarized in English:

抓不起来的大象  I Can’t Get That Elephant

词曲唱 与小艾yoia                     Lyric/music/vocal: Yuxin Yoia
编曲,混音 张坚坚                    Arrangement/mixing: Jianjian Zhang
录音,后期 david Sun             Recording/mastering: david Sun

一个两个三个币 一口两口吃下去
大象却还在原地 拒绝落入我怀里

The clip doll machine ‘eat’ all of my coins, but I still can’t get the elephant puppet I want.

隔着玻璃的好奇 到了手里变不稀奇
最坏最美是距离 害怕打破这格局

I have a huge curiosity across the glass with the untouchable elephant. However, the elephant may lose the scarcity once I got it. This is the best distance with a glass in the middle and I am afraid to break it.

我看着你翻滚在娃娃机 被抓起又逃离
需要怎样的支点和力臂 让你束手就擒

I tried hundred times. Sometimes I almost got it but lost it at the last second . I wonder what kind of technique should I use to get that elephant.

抓不起来的大象 就像摘不下来的月亮
发着光 在未知天堂

I can’t get that elephant just like I can’t get the star from a starry night.

触手不及的大象 是否焦急着和我一样
没能力 长出翅膀 孤守在牢房

Does the elephant has the same feeling of anxiety as me? But it can’t breakthrough from the prison.

被抓起来的猫咪 从此一直冷落在家里
默默的 在角落哭泣

I totally forget the other dolls I owned before. They feel abandoned.

改变命运的猫咪 逐渐脱下往日的神秘
被忘记 丢失宠幸 不如待在娃娃机

The other dolls I owned have already lose the sense of mystery. It may be better for them to stay at the clip doll machine just like the elephant.


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