“Please Listen” BW Photography project, 2014 Spring



“Please Listen”

I am a songwriter with a passion of taking photos. Photography is an alternative way for me to show awareness of music. Music plays everywhere in our life unconsciously. When you passing through the woods, music is the shakes of leaves. When you walking down a street, music is the engine of cars. When you turn on a water tap, music is the floating of water. Even music is your steps on the ground, air through your ears. We can’t see music. But we can feel it when we got a certain emotion from a piece of melody. This is the magic of music that we can’t explain in words. Under my camera lens, music become visible. I translated them into solid black and white music notes for careless people. I told them where the music is and how music bridges human and nature.

Music can cross boundaries and stays forever.

All photos taken by Olympus Om-1n. Printed in Purdue photography studio

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