Student ID Card 学生证

A Micro-movie project produced by my friends and me in 2013 summer. It took place in Shanghai, China.

I won the best Scriptwriter based on this project in “Global Education Micro-movie Competition” in Shanghai 2013

We were talking about a neglected character in college – Cleaners. College students usually keep away from them with discrimination. In this movie, our camera lens captured a sincere moment of these invisible workers.

This is a real life story.

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A short story started from a lost Student ID card. A student threw away his Student ID card in the trash bin in library accidentally before exam. But he did not notice that. Next morning he looked for the card in library and asked a cleaner. He still can’t find anything and felt annoy. Finally, the cleaner found the ID card. The student got the ID card and left immediately even without a “Thank you”
We may ask where did the cleaner find the ID card? Did she steal it? The answer came out with two girls who saw the cleaner turning the trash bin and thought she was searching for money or valuable things.
The cleaner did not say a word but she did a lot of work.

Directed by Yuhao Gu
Script-write by Yuxin Yoia