Student ID Card 学生证

A Micro-movie project produced by my friends and me in 2013 summer. It took place in Shanghai, China. I won the best Scriptwriter based on this project in “Global Education Micro-movie Competition” in Shanghai 2013 We were talking about a neglected character in college – Cleaners. College students usually keep away from them with discrimination. In this movie, … More Student ID Card 学生证

The Economic Drivers of European Integration

The Economic Drivers of European Integration – understanding the economic models and the challenges facing further integration Short presentation of the subject When tourists travel from one country to another country in Europe, they do not need to change cash into different currencies. This is the fruit from European integration. European integration is the integrations … More The Economic Drivers of European Integration

Baan Tawai Artistic Village – Marketing

Baan Tawai is a village in northern Thailand known for its beautiful woodcarvings.  The village’s woodcarving tradition has been passed down for generations but in recent years, Baan Tawai’s popularity has declined and its rich culture and history is in danger.  In an effort to preserve Baan Tawai’s woodcarving culture, Purdue University and North Chiang … More Baan Tawai Artistic Village – Marketing